Plasma In Nature was established to promote the new Plasma Science and GANS Technology. This knowledge is taught by M.T. Keshe from the Keshe Foundation.

This website provides a small window into the Plasma Science and its implications for the benefit of humanity. We strive to make the knowledge accessible and easy to understand. To show how people can use the GANS Technology for their own health, how it can be used in agriculture and to enhance our environment.

This website is designed to give you an introduction into what Plasma Science is all about and focuses on the Health and Agricultural aspects. The Blog contains hundreds of small articles that explain the Technology and how to use it in practical ways. Please enjoy and share the knowledge far and wide.

A booklet giving a short introduction to Plasma Science

Video of Talk at X-US Sydney 2017

Jim and Lisa giving an introductory talk in Sydney, Australia on the new understanding of plasma science and technology. This new frontier of science will bring the new era of abundance and peace to this planet, if we flow with the change from an old and worn out system into a new hope and vision. We can create through our knowledge and positive intention the PLASMA EVOLUTION

Our YouTube Channel is where we create short, informative videos

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